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The FSS-08 "Legacy of Dr. Grace Murray Hopper" presentation scheduled for December 1st has been cancelled.


If you're a retiree interested in keeping your mind stimulated through ongoing education, you're in the right place.  It's exactly what we do.  If you haven't been here before, just click on this link to learn about the ALP organization and how you can become a member.  It's not hard and it's not expensive! Come and sample a class!

                                       FALL CLASSES ARE UP AND RUNNING ON ZOOM!

On September 15th, ALP presented its Fall Preview Meeting to an eager audience of participants over Zoom.  Many presenters shared what the Fall semester will entail and we are all in for a treat. 

                                                      It is not too late to register! 

A description of classes is available in the ALP Horn and registration is easy through this website.  Please join us!  Remember, if you paid for the Spring 2020 semester, registration is free. If you are new to ALP, a small fee does apply.  Welcome and enjoy the many courses available to you, through ZOOM, in the comfort of your own home.

If you have taken a course, please fill out an evalution form at your earliest convenience!

                                              A LETTER FROM PHIL


Dear Past, Present, and Future ALP Members,


ALP has a long distinguished history of providing quality life-long, low-cost learning opportunities for seniors.  This in part has been possible through the cooperation of local life care communities, especially Seabury, providing space, equipment and other much appreciated services.  The isolation imposed by the pandemic has posed an unexpected challenge to how we normally operate.  The obvious direction has been to move toward virtual learning, requiring people to confront new technology and a new way of learning.


Over the past few months, the ALP Board of Directors and its committees have been working hard to deliver an exciting fall curriculum using virtual learning.  The diverse line-up of courses described on this website provides material that you should find appealing.  There’s something for everyone.


To conduct these courses, we have settled on the Zoom platform which many of you have already experienced in other parts of your lives.  An ad-hoc technical committee has developed guidelines and protocols for our participants, presenters, course coordinators, and Zoom “hosts” which will help us make the best use of the technology and provide you with a quality learning experience.  


Although we will miss the camaraderie that comes with in-person gatherings, virtual meetings do offer an opportunity to see each other and participate in class sessions.  They also offer an opportunity for those who might have been reluctant to come to previous sessions because of distance, parking or mobility issues that otherwise discourage them from participating. 


Elsewhere on this website, you’ll find Zoom Guidelines and links to other websites that will help you get the best possible experience from these sessions.  We have found that even someone not familiar with this process can participate much more easily than one would think.  I hope all of you take advantage of this unique learning opportunity during these difficult times and I look forward to seeing many new and familiar faces as we move forward.


Phil Will, ALP Board of Directors Co-Chair