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Fall Social - Tuesday, October 17, 2023.
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FS-03 Movie Buffs
... Now to be on: Oct 11, Nov 1 & Dec 13
FS-05 Brahms Requiem
... Now on: Oct 27 & Nov 10

AI Ethics Challenges at the Forefront of Today’s Headlines
Wendell Wallach, Director, AI and Equality Initiative, CCEIA
Thurs 10:00am - 12pm Seabury
Oct 26 & Nov 2
(No registration necessary - open to all!)

Course Description:
ChatGPT and other forms of generative artificial intelligence, deepfakes, the use of facial recognition software, the deployment of lethal autonomous weapons, and other AI applications have given raise to constant headlines and debate. Do the benefits of AI truly outweigh the risks? Which AI applications should be embraced and which should be regulated or banned? The first session will provide foundations for understanding what AI is and what principles direct AI Ethics. The second session will address today’s headlines.