ALP Board of Directors - UCONN Adult Learning Program
** Latest Course Changes: ..... RESCHEDULED: Bio-Diversity has moved to Feb 27 and The Rise of Bread class has been moved to March 22 .....ADDED: Beaver Pond Wildlife. See "Multi Session Classes" and "Registration" for Details.

ALP Board of Directors


Co-Chairs: Agnes Pier and Kimball Hunt

Treasurer: Bob Hewey

Secretary: Steve Law

ALP-Horn Managing Editor: Carol Simpson

Alp-Horn Design Editor: Bob Ziegenhagen

Curriculum Co-Chairs: Tom Gworek and Beth Horlitz

Communications Chairs: TBD

Event and Membership Support-Co-Chairs: TBD

WebMaster: Bob Ziegenhagen

At Large Representative (Seabury): Ann Winship

Member-at-Large: Errol Matzke

Member-at-Large: Ruth Mitman

Member-at-Large: Dougla Pyrke