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For Sale: Kim Hunt’s Poetry

Kim Hunt’s Publication of “Capillary Influences”

Kim’s third volume of approximately 200 sonnets and villanelles, entitled “Capillary Influences”  (complete with glossary) will be published (with a perfect binding) this November. Kim has partnered with Joe Nica, a local artist. Joe’s paintings use abrupt color and visual disturbance to introduce each of the eight sections comprising this coffee table sized publication. These paintings combine with Kim’s poetry to express and depict insight in areas not easily explained. Kim’s work has been reviewed and praised by historians, musicians, CEO’s, attorneys, and fellow writers. This volume is privileged to include five of these testimonials.

Any member of ALP may obtain a signed copy of Capillary Influences by contributing $25 to the UConn Adult Learning Program. All revenue from the sales goes only to ALP. Upon confirmation of said contribution, Kim will arrange for a pick-up/delivery.

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Fee: $25.00 per person