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FS-04 Paintings and Politics: Pre and Early Italian Renaissance,originally scheduled for October 7 and 14, has been changed to Tuesdays, Dec. 6 and 13. Class will be held 1-3 in the Seabury Chapel. FSS-03 Wheeler v. Remington, originally scheduled for October 4, has been changed to November 9 to accommodate Atty. Koskoff's court schedule. Class will be held 1-3 on Zoom.

Writings by ALP Members

The objective of this site is to post the work of those writers enrolled in the ALP Creative Writing and Writing Memoirs seminars who best demonstrate their creativity and writing technique in poetry, fiction, memoirs, and essays. We hope this website will encourage other writers to join us. All rights of the authors to these works are reserved, and republication or reproduction of any part thereof, without permission, is prohibited .

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Essays (10)
TWO DAYS Winkleblack, Dennis
Fiction (11)
STOPPING BY WOODS Howard, Meredith
The Good Girl Sibley, Gwen
The Eagle Rises Sibley, Gwen
Picking at the Picnic Channels, Noreen
Memoir (64)
The Other Plague Thomas, Ellen
Winnie the Pooh Eglinton, Kiki
Trio or Triptych (if you want to be pretentious Ferola, David
Befuddled Brown, Jackie
Poetry (38)
Transitioning Scull, Sharon
Post Mortem Hunt, Kimball
Range of the Capacious Mind Carle, K. R.
The Cabin in the Woods Chagnon, Ginny