Online Registration for Spring 2022 Classes - UCONN Adult Learning Program
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All ALP classes in January and February will be held on Zoom.

Online Registration for Spring 2022 Classes

You can use this page to register for classes.  Click on the box next to each course for which you would like to register.  Then choose the correct fee at the bottom of the page.  If you wish to make a donation to ALP, please enter the donation amount.  When completed, click "Submit Registrations and Pay Fee".

SS-01* Mary Cassatt: American artist, modern woman, Jan 2810:00-12:00
SS-02 The Boiling Republic, Jan 281:00-3:00
SS-03* Creative Writing, Feb 71:00-3:00
SS-04* Winston Churchill and Statesmanship, Feb 1110:00-12:00
SS-05 The Great Courses America's Founding Fathers, Feb 2210:00-12:00
SS-06 Movie Buffs, Mar 310:30-12:00
SS-07* Crashes and Crises: History of Financial Disasters, Mar 410:00-12:00
SS-08* Mahler Symphonies, Mar 2110:00-12:00
SS-09* Macbeth, Mar 31ovie10:00-12:00-Discussion 1:00 - 3:00
SS-10* Meeting the Challenges of Climate Change, Apr 510:00-12:00
SS-11 Hikes, Apr 229:30-12:00
SS-12* India: The land of Wonders, Apr 2510:30-12:00
SS-13* Comic Verse, May 310:00-12:00

SSS-01 Pudd'nheads: Childhood in Colonial America, Feb 81:00-3:00
SSS-02* Bob Steele, Icon of CT Broadcasting, Feb 1510:00-12:00
SSS-03 Greatest Hits in CT Archaeology, Feb 1710:00-12:00
SSS-04* ESPN, Mar 1610:00-12:00
SSS-05* Opera CT: Leoncavallo's I PAGLIACCI (The Clowns), Mar 3010:00-12:00
SSS-06 Criminal Law, Apr 2010:00-12:00
SSS-07* Building the Panama Canal, Apr 2110:00-12:00
SSS-08 Trolleys, innovation, and urban development, Apr 2610:00-12:00
SSS-09 New England Identity through the History of Objects, Apr 2710:00-12:00
SSS-10 Deep-Sea Exploration Technology, May 410:00-12:00
SSS-11* RailRoad Bridge Research, May 101:00-3:00
SSS-12* The Afghanistan Refugee Situation, May 2410:00-12:00
SSS-13 Working My Way Thru a Male Dominated Industry, Jun 110:00-12:00
SSS-14 CT Native American Communities: Past and Present, Jun 61:00-3:00

Select Registration Fee: $45 for Seabury, Duncaster and Seabury at Home members
$55 for all others
I have already enrolled and this is only to add courses or I wish only to make a donation.