Online Registration for Fall 2022 Classes - UCONN Adult Learning Program
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FS-04 Paintings and Politics: Pre and Early Italian Renaissance,originally scheduled for October 7 and 14, has been changed to Tuesdays, Dec. 6 and 13. Class will be held 1-3 in the Seabury Chapel. FSS-03 Wheeler v. Remington, originally scheduled for October 4, has been changed to November 9 to accommodate Atty. Koskoff's court schedule. Class will be held 1-3 on Zoom.

Online Registration for Fall 2022 Classes

You can use this page to register for classes.  Click on the box next to each course for which you would like to register.  Then choose the correct fee at the bottom of the page.  If you wish to make a donation to ALP, please enter the donation amount.  When completed, click "Submit Registrations and Pay Fee".

FS-01 Hikes, Sep 239:30-12:00
FS-02 America's Founding Fathers, Sep 2710:00-12:00
FS-03 Movie Buffs, Oct 610:30-12:00
FS-04 Paintings and Politics: Pre and Early Italian Renaissance, Dec 61:00-3:00
FS-05 Twelve Great Sonnets by Twelve Great Poets, Oct 111:00-3:00
FS-06 Housing and the Unhoused Among Us, Nov 81:00-3:00
FS-07 The World of Stand-Up Comedy, Oct 1310:00-12:00
FS-08* Appreciating Poetic Usages Of Language-AM Class, Oct 1710:00-12:00
FS-09* Appreciating Poetic Usages Of Language-PM Class, Oct 171:00-3:00
FS-10 America in the Civil War and Reconstruction Era, Oct 211:00-3:00
FS-11* Tales, Trails, and Treats, Nov 410:00-12:00
FS-12 Neonatology, Nov 810:00-12:00
FS-13 The Amistad Incident and its Reverberations, Nov 1410:00-12:00
FS-14* Creative Writing, Nov 141:00-3:00
FS-15 Uncommon Women: Six Composers, 900yrs, Nov 2810:00-12:00
FS-16 What Were They Thinking?!, Dec 71:00-3:00

FSS-01 Critical Race Theory for Beginners, Sep 291:00-3:00
FSS-02 A Lawyer's Zealous Advocacy, Sep 3010:00-12:00
FSS-03 Wheeler v. Remington Arms Co., LLC, Nov 91:00-3:00
FSS-04 Community Quilter, Oct 1010:00-12:00
FSS-05 If the Broom Fits...Halloween and History of Witches, Oct 2610:00-12:00
FSS-06* Photography (Learn the rules, then break the rules), Nov 21:00-3:00
FSS-07 CT DOT-- Greater Hartford Mobility Study, Nov 1010:00-12:00
FSS-08 Gardens of the Gilded Age, Nov 111:00-3:00
FSS-09 Foreign Body Ingestion and a travelogue on Egypt, Nov 292:00-4:00

Select Registration Fee: $45 for Seabury, Duncaster and Seabury at Home members
$55 for all others
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