Online Registration for Spring 2021 Classes - UCONN Adult Learning Program
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To all who have signed up for Beethoven: You may access these lectures at any time by going to Classes on the above menu. Scroll down to Current Program Materials. Select that and then select the Beethoven class that you wish to view.

Online Registration for Spring 2021 Classes

You can use this page to register for classes.  Click on the box next to each course for which you would like to register.  Then choose the correct fee at the bottom of the page.  If you wish to make a donation to ALP, please enter the donation amount.  When completed, click "Submit Registrations and Pay Fee".

SS-01 Matisse and Picasso: Friendship, Rivalry, Art, Jan 211:00-2:30
SS-02 Black Death: The World's Most Devastating Plague, Jan 2610:00-12:00
SS-03* Creative Writing, Feb 11:00-3:00
SS-04 Industrial Revolution III, Feb 410:00-12:00
SS-05 Comedy, Comedians and Comics, Feb 109:30-12:00
SS-06 Journal Writing, Mar 910:00-12:00
SS-07 Hartford's Ancient Burying Ground, Mar 1010:00-12:00
SS-08 Macbeth, Mar 1810:00-3:30
SS-09* Hinduism: Basis of Science and Spirituality, Mar 2410:00-12:00
SS-10* Native American Perspectives, Apr 710:00-12:00
SS-11* Reading 'Beloved' Together, Apr 810:30-11:30
SS-12 Beethoven's Symphonies, Apr 2010:00-12:00
SS-13 Hikes, Apr 239:30-12:00
SS-14* Citizens, Arm Yourself (against Fake News), May 1310:00-12:00
SS-15 An Introduction to Islam in America, May 181:00-3:00
SS-16 Idylls of Imagination: American Landscape Painting, May 191:00-3:00

SSS-01 Expanding American Democracy, Feb 31:00-3:00
SSS-02 Evelyn Longman: A Sculptor's Art and Career, Feb 2410:00-11:30
SSS-03 LYME DISEASE: Discovery, Origins and Controversy, Mar 31:00-3:00
SSS-04 Ancestry Testing Services: Pros and Cons, Apr 510:00-12:00
SSS-05 Buildings as Social History in Old Deerfield, MA, Apr 2610:00-12:00
SSS-06 Hepatitis A and E and Travelogue of Cambodia, Apr 292:00-4:00
SSS-07 Comanche, the Warhorse and His Captain, May 510:00-12:00
SSS-08* Birding 101, May 147:30-9:30
SSS-09 Mass Detention and Incarceration, Jun 310:00-12:00

Select Registration Fee: $45 for Seabury, Duncaster and Seabury at Home members
$55 for all others
I have already enrolled and this is only to add courses.