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You can use this page to register for classes.  Click on the box next to each course for which you would like to register.  Then choose the correct fee at the bottom of the page.  If you wish to make a donation to ALP, please enter the donation amount.  When completed, click "Submit Registrations and Pay Fee".

POSTPONED- SS-11 Dirty Dozen-ish of the Worst Villains of Opera, Apr 181:00-3:00
SS-01* Creative Writing, Jan 291:00-3:00
SS-02 Biodiversity: Benefit or Buzzword?, Feb 61:00-3:00
SS-03 Movie Buffs, Feb 710:30-12:00
SS-04 Geography for Travelers, Feb 161:00-3:00
SS-05 Shakers: Religion and Furniture, Mar 510:00-12:00
SS-06 Four Classic Musicals, Mar 61:00-3:30
SS-07 Climate, Law and Public Policy - CANCELLED , Mar 1410:00-12:00
SS-08* The Canterbury Tales, Mar 1810:00-12:00
SS-09 Hikes, Apr 129:30-12:00
SS-10 Hamlet, Apr 1710:00-3:00
SS-12 Machiavelli's The Prince, May 710:00-12:00
SS-13 Beaver Pond Wildlife , Mar 271:00-3:00 PM

SSS-01 Michelangelo: Giant of the High Italian Renaissance, Jan 261:30-3:00
SSS-02 Profile of a Lobbyist for Non-Profit Legal Services, Jan 301:00-3:00
SSS-03 Civil War Monuments and Race in America, Feb 810:00-12:00
SSS-04 A Sculptor Speaks for her Sculptures, Feb 1510:00-12:00
SSS-05 Great Course: Bridges, Feb 2710:00-12:00
SSS-06 Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, Feb 2910:00-12:00
SSS-07 Gardens of the Emerald Isle, Mar 111:00-3:00
SSS-08 The Anatomy of an Expert Physician Case, Mar 1910:00-12:00
SSS-09 Sailing Spain to Stamford: Personal Experience, Mar 2811:00-1:00
SSS-10 Handler and Levesque: A Musical World Tour, Apr 41:00-3:00
SSS-11 Human Evolution at the Crossroads, Apr 510:00-12:00
SSS-12 The Rise of Bread: Hunting and Gathering to Empire, Mar 2210:00-12:00 PM
SSS-13 The "Fresh Air" Cure for Tuberculosis, Apr 301:00-3:00
SSS-14* The Wallace Stevens Walk, May 11:00-3:00
SSS-15 Lots To Know About Zora Neale Hurston, May 131:00-3:00
SSS-16 Writing in the Margins: Mark Twain Marginalia, May 161:00-3:00
SSS-17 Aspects of Legal Practice Never Identified in Law School, May 301:00-3:00
SSS-18 Space Art: Past and Future, Jun 310:00-12:00

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