Online Registration for Fall 2021 Classes - UCONN Adult Learning Program
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FS-04 Gwendolyn Brooks and Adrienne Rich: Poetry in Black and White, presented by Jane Barstow, originally scheduled for SEPT 28 AND OCT 5, will be held on Tuesdays, NOV 9th, NOV 16th, and NOV 23rd 10:30-12:00.

Online Registration for Fall 2021 Classes

You can use this page to register for classes.  Click on the box next to each course for which you would like to register.  Then choose the correct fee at the bottom of the page.  If you wish to make a donation to ALP, please enter the donation amount.  When completed, click "Submit Registrations and Pay Fee".

FS-01 Comedy, Comedians and Comics, Sep 229:30-12:00
FS-02 Hikes, Sep 249:30-12:00
FS-03* Creative Writing, Sep 271:00-3:00
FS-04 Gwendolyn Brooks and Adrienne Rich: Poetry in Black and White, Nov 910:30-12:00
FS-05* Herbs and Spice: Culinary Uses and Health Benefits, Sep 3010:00-12:00
FS-06 Black Death: The World's Most Devastating Plague, Oct 810:00-12:00
FS-07 The Amazing Women of Connecticut's History, Oct 1210:30-12:00
FS-08 AI- Artificial Intelligence, Nov 410:00-12:00
FS-09 Crashes and Crises: History of Financial Disasters, Nov 810:00-12:00
FS-10 The Art of the Wadsworth, Nov 91:00-3:00
FS-11 Movie Buffs, Nov 1910:30-12:00
FS-12 Beethoven's Symphonies, Nov 3010:00-12:00

FSS-01 Civil Rights, Liberties and Equity in Connecticut, Sep 2310:00-12:00
FSS-02 Monuments "Hidden in Plain Sight", Oct 71:00-3:00
FSS-03 Suffragettes in Corselettes, Oct 1810:00-12:00
FSS-04 The Law of Elections, Oct 2010:00-12:00
FSS-05 Progeria Research: Making a Difference for All, Oct 2710:00-12:00
FSS-06 Opium Trade in Connecicut, Oct 2810:00-12:00
FSS-07 Artists' Gardens in New England, Nov 21:00-3:00
FSS-08 Tombs Exploring Archaeology and Forensic Science, Nov 1710:00-12:00
FSS-09 The Legacy of Dr. Grace Murray Hopper, Nov 1810:00-11:30
FSS-10 Effective Environmental Activism at the Capitol, Dec 11:00-3:00
FSS-11 "Gallstones" Hepatitis Romania Travelogue, Dec 102:00-4:00
FSS-12 19th c. Black Resistance: A Dangerous Truth, Dec 1510:00-12:00
FSS-13 Paleoindian Lifeways, Dec 161:00-3:00

Select Registration Fee: $45 for Seabury, Duncaster and Seabury at Home members
$55 for all others
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