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Who We Are

We are a self governing, non-profit organization composed largely of retired people who share a common desire to keep our minds sharp through ongoing education. We are affiliated with the University of Connecticut’s Department of Extension and are one of 400 Lifelong Learning Institutes affiliated with Road Scholar/Elderhostel.

Our members are provided the opportunity to participate in locally conducted seminar-style classes held either face-to-face or, if necessary, by Zoom teleconferencing. The classes deal with current issues, history, literature, health, science, religion, music and art. They are taught by members of ALP as well as guest professors, judges, clergy, and other experts on interesting topics.

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Who can join?

ALP is s open to everyone. The only admission requirement is a desire to participate in a relaxed, non-credit academic environment, with a willingness to share your thoughts and any skills or knowledge you want to share with your peers. Nobody fails at ALP because there are no exams.

When are classes held?

The fall semester starts at the end of September and runs through mid-December. The spring semester generally runs from the end of January through the end of May. All of the classes are daytime sessions, generally two hours in length with a break in the middle. Some are one-time seminars; some are weekly sessions that run 3-6 weeks. We typically have around 25 classes with no overlapping or simultaneous sessions so you can take as many classes as you want.

Where are classes held?

Most of the classes are held at the Seabury Retirement Community, 200 Seabury Drive, Bloomfield. Membership with Seaburyis not a requirement to join ALP and attend the classes. Free parking is available.

What's the cost?

The current cost for membership is $60 per semester. Except for a small fee to cover the insurance cost or travel expense for some field trips, there are no additional charges for the classes regardless of the number taken.

Who to contact:
The ALP Administrator