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FS-04 Paintings and Politics: Pre and Early Italian Renaissance,originally scheduled for October 7 and 14, has been changed to Tuesdays, Dec. 6 and 13. Class will be held 1-3 in the Seabury Chapel. FSS-03 Wheeler v. Remington, originally scheduled for October 4, has been changed to November 9 to accommodate Atty. Koskoff's court schedule. Class will be held 1-3 on Zoom.

Single Session Classes

FSS-01 Critical Race Theory for Beginners - Zoom Teleconference
Jeffery Ogbar, Professor of History * , 9/29 * 1:00-3:00

This presentation will explore the development and meaning of Critical Race Theory, as well as itscritics.
FSS-02 A Lawyer's Zealous Advocacy - Zoom Teleconference
Judge Moukawsher, Judge * , 9/30 * 10:00-12:00

Judge Moukawsher will address a Superior Court Judge's role in ensuring that minimally acceptable standards of ethical behavior are met by lawyers as "officers" of the Court. A lawyer's zealotry does not extend to the publication of reckless or intentional assertions incapable of substantiation. A lawyer is not licensed to promote occasions of mistrial or perjury. A judge must stand firm against the perception this errant conduct can be viewed as an acceptable stratagem. Acquiescence in this abuse would undermine the integrity necessary to effectively sustain the stabilizing presence of justice within our social compact.
FSS-03 Wheeler v. Remington Arms Co., LLC - Zoom Teleconference
Josh Koskoff, Atty * , 11/9 * 1:00-3:00

Josh Koskoff sits within the Inner Circle of Trial Advocates, limited to 100 of the nation's top trial attorneys. Josh is the third generation of a near mythic line of lawyers tirelessly holding the abuses of privilege and power to account. Within his many successes are a 25 million-dollar recovery for the wrongful amputation of a woman's leg; and a wrongful-death verdict of 22.5 million dollars from a failure to diagnose coronary artery disease. Josh will address issues confronted and strategies employed in overcoming the near impenetrable immunity afforded by the 2005 Protection of Lawful Commerce of Arms Act.
FSS-04 Community Quilter - Seabury Chapel
Ed-Johnetta Miller * , 10/10 * 10:00-12:00

Ed Johnetta Miller is a fiber artist, quilter, teacher, curator and lecturer, and is acknowledged to beone of the most creative and colorful improvisational quilt makers in the U.S. She will talk about herlife as a quilter, her projects around the world, and learning how to deal with the pandemic.
FSS-05 If the Broom Fits...Halloween and History of Witches - Zoom Teleconference
Velya and Ehris Urban * , 10/26 * 10:00-12:00

Have you ever wondered, especially on Halloween, why witches are depicted as riding on brooms through the nighttime sky? (It's a story you may find difficult explaining to the kids!) You're never going to look at sweeping the same way again. How did the benevolent image of a wise woman transform into the malevolent figure of the witch we know today?
FSS-06* Photography (Learn the rules, then break the rules) - Seabury Heritage Hall
Peter Glass, Owner, Peter Glass Photography * , 11/2 * 1:00-3:00

Specific rules of composition can be immensely helpful when getting ready to take a picture. But despite what's often written and taught, these rules are not set in stone. Ignoring them does not mean the photograph will turn out badly. In fact, blindly adhering to even the most accepted of these rules can keep the photographer from creating truly interesting and inventive images. The various rules of picture composition will be demonstrated, discussed, and dissected in class. This will be done using a variety of images, including those made by the students. A handout will be distributed to all. Size Limit: 25
FSS-07 CT DOT-- Greater Hartford Mobility Study - Zoom Teleconference
Laura Parete, Project Manager of the Greater Hartford Mobility Study * , 11/10 * 10:00-12:00

Connecticut Department of Transportation's (CTDOT) team will provide an overview of the study,progress, and how the study relates to the new infrastructure bill.
FSS-08 Gardens of the Gilded Age - Seabury Chapel
Jana Milbocker, Author * , 11/11 * 1:00-3:00

The Gilded Age is famous for its ornate mansions and grand gardens built by the Roosevelts, Vanderbilts, and Carnegies. Transport yourself to the Gilded Age with an armchair tour of the gardens at the Newport Mansions, Kykuit, Vanderbilt Estate, Vizcaya, Untermyer Gardens, Nemours and others.
FSS-09 Foreign Body Ingestion and a travelogue on Egypt - Zoom and In-Person Chapel
Dr George Wu, PhD * , 11/29 * 2:00-4:00

Foreign body ingestion is a common medical problem and can lead to morbidity in 1% of patients, and up to 1500 deaths per year in the US. Foreign body ingestion is often accidental, but intentional ingestion, often by prisoners or psychiatric patients, has been reported. Objects should be removed from the stomach if they are sharp, are not likely to pass the small intestine, or are toxic. Objects larger than 2 cm in diameter are at risk for entrapment in narrow areas of the gut. Disc batteries may lodge in the gut and leak, resulting in direct caustic injury. Will be followed by my travels in Egypt.