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SSS-12, Where Next for Radio, on June 5th, is now a Zoom only presentation. Attendees will be sent the link prior to the class.

Single Session Classes

SSS-01 Emily Talkow: Stroke Across America - Zoom Teleconference
Emily Talkow, Student, Cyclist * , 2/10 * 1:00-3:00

Emily Talkow, a third-year student at Washington University, will describe and depict her bicycle crossing of the United States, carried out to support those who have adjusted to a life altered by stroke. Emily's supportive efforts implicitly honor and were motivated by her grandfather whose retirement was afflicted by stroke as he was planning his fourth bicycle trip across our country.
SSS-02 GOUT: No Longer the Malady of the Patricians - Zoom Teleconference
Jon Dixon, MD * , 3/16 * 10:00-12:00

This review will focus on the history and evolution of our understanding of this fascinating disease. There will be a number of historical vignettes, a little bit of biochemistry, a bit more medicine and physiology but nothing too difficult. Dr. Dixon will also discuss a number of common myths and misconceptions about the disease. Treatment and diagnosis will not be the focus. Just for fun, for those who think they already know all they need to know about gout, there will be the opportunity to try a pre-lecture quiz before the start.
SSS-03 Ebony Horsewoman - Zoom Teleconference
Patrica Kelly, Pres., CEO * , 3/17 * 1:00-3:00

Ebony Horsewomen Equestrian and Therapeutic Center, Ebony Horsewomen, Inc. (EHI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit community-service organization, was founded by Patricia Kelly, a Marine veteran, in 1984. It is headquartered within Hartford's 693-acre Keney Park. EHI, a Medicaid Provider, specializes in Equine Assisted Therapy [EAP], involving interactions between clients and horses. These are directed and assisted by a licensed clinical therapist and a trained horse specialist. EAP works particularly well for those suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, who dislike talk therapy. People of color oftentimes find talk therapy contrary to cultural norms and avoid the stigma tied to it.
SSS-04 Gardens of Cornwall and Devon - Seabury Chapel
Jana Milbocker, * , 3/20 * 1:00-3:00

Warmed by the Gulf Stream, the magical gardens in Cornwall and Devon are home to some of the most exciting, rare, and beautiful plants in the British Isles. Enjoy an armchair tour of twelve historically and horticulturally important gardens of this region, from the tropical Abbey Gardens of Tresco to the mystical Lost Gardens of Heligan and the futuristic biomes of the Eden Project.
SSS-05 Birth of a New Perennial Garden - Zoom Teleconference
Deborah Chud, Landscape Designer and Educator * , 3/27 * 10:00-12:00

This is a personal introduction to the design principles of the New Perennialists who originated the hottest landscaping trend in the world today--naturalistic garden design. Part 1 traces my discovery of their work, my research on their plant combinations, and my use of that research to create a garden in their style. Part 2 explores the historical context in which the New Perennial movement emerged. And Part 3 provides an introduction to their design principles. At the end of my talk, I offer practical "dos and don'ts" for solving the problem of excessive contrast.
SSS-06 RFID Technology, Standards and Innovation - Zoom Teleconference and Chapel
Jonathan Gregory, Director, Community Engagement, GS1 US * , 4/20 * 10:00-12:00

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is a technology commonly used in a wide variety of industries in order to more efficiently identify commercial products and track their movement. The technology is used in industries ranging from aerospace to retail, and from pharmaceuticals to foodservice. This presentation will introduce the technology, discuss the practical value, and track historical and future trends.
SSS-07 Edith Wharton's Passions and Repressions - Seabury Chapel
Jane Barstow, Professor Emerita of English and Women’s Studies, University of Hartford * , 4/28 * 1:30-3:00

Edith Wharton's literary and personal reputation underwent a SeaChange in the 1970's thanks to insights provided by new biographies that drew upon the treasure trove of documents available thirty years after her death. These documents included erotic poetry, a love diary written in French, countless letters, and even a pornographic story. The writer, who had been labeled an "icy grande dame" who wrote some "well-crafted" novels, came to be seen as one of the century's most "searing analysts" of femininity and modern marriage. This lecture will review Wharton's life and relevant passages from her published and unpublished fiction.
SSS-08 Ground Penetrating Radar Studies - Zoom Teleconference
David Leslie, Director of Archaeological Research, Heritage Consultants, LLC * , 5/8 * 10:00-12:00

Archaeologists have long recognized the need to accurately image subsurface features (house walls, middens, hearths, grave shafts) to help guide excavation techniques. Several geophysical techniques have been used by archaeologists to remotely image these features prior to excavation with varying success. Recent advances in ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology are now permitting archaeologists to image these features more accurately prior to excavation. During this presentation, we will discuss several different archaeological projects where GPR surveys were successfully implemented throughout the Northeastern United States to provide accurate images and locations of features at historical and pre-colonial Native American sites and cemeteries.
SSS-09 Wildlife and Connecticut's Changing Landscape - Seabury Heritage Hall
Paul Colburn, Master Wildlife Conservationist * , 5/9 * 1:00-3:00

This presentation provides a brief natural history of Connecticut, addresses the current state of wildlife in the state, including a discussion of major species, factors affecting their habitats, challenges we face in managing them, and provided suggestions for what people can do to make a difference.
SSS-10 Neanderthal - Zoom and In-Person Teleconference and Chapel
Daniel Adler, PHD, PhD, UCONN Anthropology Department * , 5/12 * 1:00-3:00

The Pleistocene was a period of profound biological and behavioral change among ancient humans that witnessed the evolution of our species and our cousins the Neandethals. Dr. Adler's presentation will highlight some of his team's discoveries over 24 years of field and laboratory research on the Paleolithic of Georgia and Armenia. He will discuss the earliest occupation of the region,the transition from the Lower to the Middle Paleolithic, the shift from the MIddle to the Upper Paleolithic and the demise of the Neanderthals, as well as many, many things we would like to know, but we remain ignorant of.
SSS-11 Marilyn Parkinson Thrall: Sculptor and Artist - Seabury Chapel
Marilyn Parkinson Thrall, Award Winning Sculptor and Artist * , 5/23 * 1:00-3:00

Marilyn Parkinson Thrall has been creating sculptures since 1973. Marilyn's presentation will focus on what attracts, inspires, and translates her artistic passion into a sculpture. Her mood portrayal, revealed through posture, gives Marilyn's sculpting a distinctive "feel". A recent work is a departure from her frequent work with children. This work, on permanent display in the Hartford Public Library, is entitled "The Art of Perseverance". It is a suffragist sculpture honoring the first women who registered to vote in Hartford after passage of the 19th Amendment. The skirt is made from reproductions of 1920 voter registration cards from Hartford.
SSS-12 Where Next for Radio? - ZOOM ONLY
Tom Laurenson, Former radio producer and broadcaster, Oban FM and KWPA, Scotland * , 6/5 * 1:00-3:00

A look at key stages in the development of radio technology over the last 125 years, and a suggestion as to where it might go next.