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Single Session Classes

SSS-01 Expanding American Democracy - Zoom Teleconference
Jeffery Ogbar, Professor of History at the University of Connecticut * , 2/3 * 1:00-3:00

This program will provide a thumbnail sketch addressing 400 years of America's inconsistent efforts to embrace the abstract and elastic notion of democracy, touching upon - inter alia - the adoption of the post civil war amendments, Lyndon Johnson's Civil Rights Acts, and the issues affecting voting rights. This course is rightly titled African Slaves to America and its Impact "Expanding American Democracy."
SSS-02 Evelyn Longman: A Sculptor's Art and Career
Liz Burke * , 2/24 * 10:00-11:30

This program will explore the career and art of sculptor Evelyn Longman, the first woman sculptor inducted to the National Academy of Design. Many of her works as well as her 1920 - 1949 studio and her career archives are on the Loomis Chaffee campus.
SSS-03 LYME DISEASE: Discovery, Origins and Controversy - Zoom Teleconference
Jonathan Dixon, M.D. * , 3/3 * 1:00-3:00

This will be a story about how two calls came into the Rheumatology Division at Yale concerning an outbreak of arthritis in several local communities and how investigators figured out what was going on. It is a fascinating story about how clear scientific thinking, careful observation and investigation can solve a confusing problem. The presenter will touch upon the current controversy surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of chronic Lyme Disease which, to some extent arises out of conspiracy theories about the validity of evidence-based medicine. Questions and audience comments are welcome.
SSS-04 Ancestry Testing Services: Pros and Cons - Zoom Teleconference
Michael Park, Professor Emeritus, Anthropology, CCSU * , 4/5 * 10:00-12:00

An analysis of the popular DNA ancestry services, such as '23andMe': How do we evaluate the reports? What are the limitations of the services? How can the reports be misinterpreted? To accurately and fairly address these questions we will look at 1. how genetics work, 2. some important aspects of human evolution, and 3. what do we really mean by ancestry. Then we will answer those questions through a detailed look at the ancestry services and how you can interpret your results.
SSS-05 Buildings as Social History in Old Deerfield, MA - Zoom Teleconference
James Golden, Director of Interpretation, Historic Deerfield * , 4/26 * 10:00-12:00

Deerfield, Massachusetts is the site of numerous beautiful, architecturally-significant early American homes. This talk examines the history of the Connecticut River Valley through six remarkable buildings, constructed on either side of the American Revolution. It will teach the audience how to "read" an eighteenth-century building, understanding it as evidence of social history as well as aesthetic developments.
SSS-06 Hepatitis A and E and Travelogue of Cambodia - Zoom Teleconference
George and Cathy Wu, Professors of Medicine * , 4/29 * 2:00-4:00

Doctors Wu continue to spotlight the clandestine and little understood ongoing lethal warfare we are routinely beset by but recognize only through the haze of abstruse medical labels. The Doctors Wu (husband and wife research team) have spent their careers tracking and exposing the wiles of these pathogens. The depth of their clinical research has been substantiated through international travels, enhancing deeper perspective of the environments that play inadvertent hosts to the various forms of life-threatening malaise. The topic for this presentation will be Hepatitis A and E in the destination Cambodia.
SSS-07 Comanche, the Warhorse and His Captain - Zoom Teleconference
Janet Barrett, Author * , 5/5 * 10:00-12:00

Following Janet Barrett's previous book, "They Called Her Reckless," this is a story about another great warhorse, Comanche, who was in service to the famed U.S Cavalry at the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876. Comanche stood alone as the sole survivor. This is his story.
SSS-08* Birding 101 - Offsite TBA
Zellene Sandler, Ian Clark and Betsy Tonkin, Former President CT Audubon Society * , 5/14 * 7:30-9:30

There will be a short lecture on bird recognition. We will go down to the edge of the meadow and watch, listen and learn about birding. Please bring binoculars and bird books, if you have them, sturdy shoes, and a cell phone for recording bird calls. Practice using the binoculars before attending class. Size Limit: 15
SSS-09 Mass Detention and Incarceration - Zoom Teleconference
Honorable James Carr, U.S. District Judge * , 6/3 * 10:00-12:00

Why the problem? What can be done about it? Judge Carr will discuss our country's long-standing practice of over-incarcerating pretrial detainees and sentenced defendants, its origins, causes, consequences, and reforms.