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If you're a retiree interested in keeping your mind stimulated through ongoing education, you're in the right place.  It's exactly what we do.  If you haven't been here before, just click on this link to learn about the ALP organization and how you can become a member.  It's not hard and it's not expensive! Come and sample a class!


On Tuesday, January 12th, ALP's Spring semester kicked off with almost 100 participants zoomed in to the Spring Preview Meeting to see and hear many of the presenters who gave us a verbal glimpse of the 25 programs being offered via the Zoom platform this spring semester.  And what a semester it will be!  Among the courses offered will be Islam, Macbeth, Art, Native Americans, Hinduism, Slavery, Birding, Sculpturing, Beethoven, Picasso, Writing, the Black Plague, and Comedy.  And for all that and more, you’ll be paying a “tuition” fee of $55 maximum.  There hasn’t been a bargain like that since Filenes had a basement.

 If you were unable to attend the Spring Preview meeting, we would still love to have you participate!  Read through the ALP HORN, select the classes you would like to attend, then go to our registration page for instructions on how to register.  We look forward to seeing you!

If you have never attended ALP classes before and need further clarification, please contact the ALP Administrator at admin@uconnalp.org or 860-785-5601.


The ALP Board of Directors wants to sincerely thank all the members who made our fall semester Zoom program such a huge success.   When more than 250 of you signed up to attend an average of 5.56 classes, it exceeded  our wildest expectations.  We did run into some learning bumps along the way but I think we proved we did the right thing in attempting to continue our program  using an unfamiliar teleconferencing technology:  Ninety percent of those of you who registered for the final Zoom class were in attendance for that class.  With the many hours and days of speculative effort put in by our Zoom Team, this is truly a gratifying and rewarding result. The key members on the team were Kim Hunt, Tom Gworek, Bob Ellis, Agnes Pier and our Zoom Consultant Phil Will.  A special thanks to each of them.

For those individuals who previously registered for classes but elected not to participate in Zoom classes, be assured that WE WANT YOU BACK for our spring semester.  You can use this link to our on-line Zoom Guidelines to reference ahead of time to become familiar with the technology.  ALP is also pleased to announce that we will once again provide training sessions for those who need it.  A schedule for the Zoom training sessions will be shown here under the Registration tab.  We’ll let you know when it’s available.

Jack Gregory, ALP Co-Chair


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