Single Sessions - Spring 2020 - UCONN Adult Learning Program
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Single Sessions - Spring 2020

SSS-01 Nutmeg Nines - Major League Base Ball in CT - Seabury Heritage Hall
David Arcidiacono, Author * , 2/3 * 10:00-12:00

Students will enjoy a trip back to the nineteenth century, when base ball was young (yes, it was once two words!) and Connecticut played a key role in its development. The rough and tumble historical highlights of Connecticut's three 19th century major league clubs, the Middletown Mansfields, Hartford Dark Blues and New Haven Elm City club will be presented. Replica nineteenth century bats, balls and gloves will be on display.
SSS-02 History and Future of Hartford's Restaurant Scene - Seabury Heritage Hall
James Cosgrove, Restauranteur * , 3/3 * 10:00-12:00

Forty years ago Jimmy Cosgrove started in Hartford's restaurant business with "The Rising Sun". His iconic and stabilizing presence, in Hartfor's uneven restaurant scene, took root in the early 1980's with a little hole in the wall called "Hot Tomato's",. Jimmy, with two partners, opened "Salute" in 2009, where he continues to play a seminal role in Hartford's revitalized restaurant scene. Jimmy Cosgrove will present a singular lens on what ministering to Hartford's expanding appetites has entailed.
SSS-03 Toni Morrison: The First and Final Novels POSTPONED - Seabury Heritage Hall
Jane Barstow, Professor Emerita, University of Hartford * , 3/12 * 10:30-12:00

A comparison of "The Bluest Eye" and "God Help the Child" can highlight Toni Morrison's most enduring themes. Of special interest is how "beauty," one of the most destructive ideas according to Morrison, oppresses her protagonists. The Breedlove's embrace of their perceived ugliness, the Bridewell's horror at the "Sudanese" blackness of their baby; the Hollywood icons Shirley Temple and Jean Harlow, the Black is Beautiful movement, and African American cosmetic industries provide important cultural context. Beauty is the Beast in these novels. But there is also artistic beauty to consider as it transcends ugly realities and reaches toward the sublime.
SSS-04 Hepatitis B/D and Romania Travelogue POSTPONED - Seabury Heritage Hall
George and Kathy Wu, Professors of Medicine * , 3/12 * 2:00-4:00

Doctors Wu continue to spotlight the clandestine and little understood ongoing lethal warfare we are routinely beset by but recognize only through the haze of abstruse medical labels. The Doctors Wu (husband and wife research team) have spent their careers tracking and exposing the wiles of these pathogens. The depth of their clinical research has been substantiated through international travels, enhancing deeper perspective of the environments, that play inadvertent host to the various forms of life-threatening malaise. The topic for this presentation will be Hepatitis B and D in the destination Romania.
SSS-05 Hamilton: Getting Under Your Skin POSTPONED - Seabury Heritage Hall
Nina Elgo, Judge of the Connecticut Appellate Court * , 3/25 * 3:00-5:00

In 2015, "Hamilton an American Musical" exploded onto the American stage in a musical retelling of the American Revolution and the forming of our Constitution. Weaving rap, hip-hop, RandB, British rock and traditional musical forms, "Hamilton" not only earned 11 Tony's, a Grammy Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Drama but challenged us to appreciate the legacy of our nation's birth in a way that has been, in itself, revolutionary. Judge Elgo will talk about the phenomenon of Hamilton and, in particular, its implications for implicit bias.
SSS-06 Prudence Crandall's Legacy POSTPONED - Seabury Heritage Hall
Don Williams, Executive Director of the CT Education Association * , 3/27 * 1:00-3:00

This story is of Connecticut's heroine, who taught black and white women in the same classroom in the 1830s, created a national controversy, became a leading abolitionist, was arrested, and was the defendant in the first civil rights trial in America. The arguments by her attorneys helped influence the passage of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution protecting equality, and were cited in the NAACP's brief in Brown v. Board of Education, the 1954 Supreme Court case that ended school segregation. In her final years she advocated for voting rights for women and was visited by suffragettes of the era.
SSS-07 Ancestry Testing Services: Pros and Cons POSTPONED - Seabury Heritage Hall
Michael Park, Professor Emeritus, Anthropology, CCSU * , 3/30 * 10:00-12:00

An analysis of the popular DNA ancestry services such as 23andMe: How do we evaluate the reports? What are the limitations of the services? How can the reports be misinterpreted? To accurately and fairly address these questions we will look at (a) how genetics work, (b) some important aspects of human evolution, and (c) what do we really mean by ancestry. Then we will answer those questions through a detailed look at the ancestry services and how you can interpret your results.
SSS-08 The Legacy of Dr. Grace Murray Hopper CANCELLED - McAuley Meeting Room
Martha Reingold, Author * , 4/23 * 10:00-12:00

In the early 1950's, computer programs were written in machine code. Next came 2nd generation assembly languages like BAL. Dr. Hopper was a pioneer in the development of 3rd generation English language programming like COBOL and ALGOL. There will be a brief description of state-of-the-art programming in the mid-50's, a history of Dr. Hopper's work, and what it was like to work for this extraordinary woman and her multi-cultural staff.
SSS-09 Climate Change Impacts on Human Society - Seabury Heritage Hall
Mark Evans, Professor of Geology * , 4/30 * 1:00-3:00

A brief overview of the evidence behind climate change will be presented. Then the focus will be on the impacts of climate change on: Sea Level rise and coastal development, Water Resources in the American west and coastal regions, Farming and food supply, and other issues as time allows.
SSS-10 Comanche, the Warhorse and His Captain CANCELLED - Seabury Heritage Hall
Janet Barrett, Author * , 5/4 * 10:00-12:00

Following Janet Barrett's previous book, "They Called Her Reckless," this is a story about another great warhorse, Comanche, in service to the famed U.S Cavalry at the Battle of Little Bighorn in 1876. No soldier survived. Comanche stood alone as the sole survivor. This is his story.
SSS-11 Wildlife and Connecticut's Changing Landscape CANCELLED - Seabury Heritage Hall
Ellen Castaldini, Master Wildlife Conservationist * , 5/7 * 10:00-12:00

The program includes a presentation that describes how changes in Connecticut's landscape over the past 400 hundred years have impacted wildlife. Beautiful wildlife photos highlight the presentation. Participants can handle wildlife pelts, skulls and tracks, and (if they want) test their knowledge of the characteristics and habits of CT wildlife.
SSS-12 What Makes Health Care so Expensive? CANCELLED - McAuley Meeting Room
John Cappadona, Doctor * , 5/13 * 10:00-12:00

Dr John Cappadona will describe reasons for what makes health care so expensive, and suggest an approach to address this significant issue - a single payer National Health Care Plan. 1 - Why health care is so expensive. 2 - Explanation of for-profit and governmental healthcare insurance systems, 3 - Factors other then insurance influencing costs.