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Writings by ALP Members

The objective of this site is to post the work of those writers enrolled in the ALP Creative Writing and Writing Memoirs seminars who best demonstrate their creativity and writing technique in poetry, fiction, memoirs, and essays. We hope this website will encourage other writers to join us. All rights of the authors to these works are reserved, and republication or reproduction of any part thereof, without permission, is prohibited .

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Year: 2013
Author Title
Backer, Ivan A. Hilton Hall
Carle, Katherine Simon
Dowden, Glyn On Picasso Blue Boy
Dowden, Gwen The Power of Hands
Northam, Ellie The Painting as Entry
Purcell, Carolann Emotions Recalled in Tranquility
Purcell, Carolann Remembered, Predictable
Sibley, Gwen Freddie
Sibley, Gwen Things I Didn't Know I Loved
Willis, Betty The Russet Apple