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PLEASE READ the announcement regarding the Coronavirus on our homepage. All remaining classes for the Spring Semester have been cancelled. The Annual Meeting will combine with the Fall Preview meeting on September 17, 2020.


If you're a retiree interested in keeping your mind stimulated through ongoing education, you're in the right place.  It's exactly what we do.  If you haven't been here before, just click on this link to learn about the ALP organization and how you can become a member.  It's not hard and it's not expensive! Come and sample a class! 


 Adult Learning Program, Inc.

General Announcement to the Membership

March 30, 2020



Due to the ongoing and uncertain situation surrounding the Coronavirus Pandemic, the Board of Directors has made several key decisions which we wanted to announce to our membership:


  1. All classes for the remainder of the Spring Semester are officially cancelled at all ALP meeting locations effective immediately. The Annual Membership Meeting originally scheduled for June 2, 2020, is postponed until September 17, 2020.
  1. The Annual Membership Meeting and the Fall Preview Meeting of ALP Courses will now be  combined into one meeting and  scheduled for September 17, 2020.  We all hope we will be back to normal operations by that time.
  1. All ALP members who registered and paid for the Spring Semester Courses will not be charged for the Fall Semester Courses. 

Be assured that the ALP Board of Directors is working hard in the background to keep things on track in order to be more than ready when we are allowed to have our regular meetings again. 

We are also exploring new ways to supplement and enhance our programing and the administration of ALP. These enhancements will include the use of a credit card system as an alternate form of payment and the possible use of the Zoom teleconferencing platform for selected classes, assuming the attendee’s so desire.  You will be hearing more about these enhancements in the next issue of the ALP–HORN, scheduled for mid-May publication .  Of course, we will continue to maintain our traditional ALP format for classes.


The planning and development of new courses goes on by our Curriculum Committee as usual and we look forward to seeing all of you again in the fall.  In the meantime, stay safe and well. If you have any questions, please contact the ALP Office at (860) 785-5609.

- Phil Will and Jack Gregory, Co-Chairs, ALP Board of Directors


Having a hard time figuring out how to spend your days stuck at home?
Below are some links to activities that may help you pass the time.



Seabury is pleased to offer parking for all ALP classes and events at the convenient Hilltop Parking Lot at the north end of our campus (near the raised garden beds and pickleball court). Please park in unnumbered spaces only.  After parking, ALP members may enter door #15 located tunder the large awning across from the parking lot.  The door will open automatically when you press the intercom button.  Once inside, there will be signs to direct you to your destination. 

If you have a temporary or permanent disability that makes it difficult for you to get to your class or special event from the Hilltop parking lot, use the parking lot by the new chapel on your right as you enter Seabury. Then take the short walk to the main entrance. Valet parking is no longer available. 

There is NO PARKING along the curb across from the main entrance. You will be ticketed!

SPECIAL NOTICE for those people with difficulty hearing:
Seabury's Heritage Hall and The Bishop's Chapel are equipped with a Hearing Loop, an "induction loop" system, which magnetically transmits sound to hearing aids and cochlear implants with telecoms (T-coils). With a simple switch, guests with hearing loss can hear from the microphone directly to the hearing aid. People with hearing loss are now experiencing a reality where hearing aids also serve as wireless loudspeakers, delivering clear, customized sound from inside their ears. Thank you, Seabury!

If you have recently completed an ALP course and did not fill out an evaluation form as you left, you may provide an evaluation by filling out an online form here.


We could use more help.  If you would like to "give something back" to our Adult Learning Program in return for all that you've received (or are about to receive), please let an ALP board member know! At your next ALP session, let the registrar know that you are interested, and someone will get in touch to see how you can be of service.