UCONN Adult Learning Program - The McAuley Events
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UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED, RE-SCHEDULED CLASSES WILL BE HELD IN THE SAME PLACE AND TIME AS ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED. Michael Park's "Human Races" class scheduled for 2/12 has been re-scheduled for 3/20. The SS-03 "Climate Change" seminar has been extended to include a 3/6 class to make up for the 2/13 weather-related cancellation. Jane Newpeck's SS-07 "Epics, Anyone?" seminar scheduled for March will meet in Seabury's Media Room instead of the Britton Room as originally scheduled.

The McAuley Events

The following ALP classes will be held at The McAuley:

SS-03 Climate Change-Contributing Factors & Solutions
Presenter: Samantha Dynowski and Martha Klein
10:00-12:00 Wednesday
McAuley Meeting Room
2/13, 2/20, 2/27

SSS-08 Life & Work of Pedro E Guerrero
Presenter: Ruthanne Hartzheim
10:30-12:00 Monday
McAuley Meeting Room