UCONN Adult Learning Program - Committees
Personal Calendar
Please refer to "Changes to Class Schedule" under ALP NEWS for a list of those classes that have been re-scheduled since the publication of the ALP Horn.


To provide the on-going education and related services offered to its members, ALP depends upon the leadership of its Advisory Board and the various committees composed of ALP members who volunteer their time and effort to support the program.  Each committee has two co-chairpersons who also serve on the Advisory Board.


ALP’s Curriculum Committee is ALP’s largest committee and has the important responsibility of soliciting and evaluating course ideas as well as organizing, scheduling and coordinating the presentation of all classes each semester.


ALP’s Membership Committee welcomes and integrates new members into ALP, coordinates the registration process and membership meetings, solicits volunteerism, acquires speakers for the Fall and Spring Preview Meetings and organizes the ALP Autumn Social event.


ALP’s  Communication Committee has three primary functions, each of which has its own co-chairperson:

Publicity - Coordinates all publicity, including print media advertising, informational material distribution and speaking engagements, to promote ALP’s program and solicit new members.,

Newsletter - Coordinates the tri-annual publication of ALP’s newsletter, the ALP Horn, to ensure all members are aware of coming events and each semester’s curriculum from which members can make selections and register for the coming semester.

Website - Maintains ALP’s website (alp.uconn.edu) to enable all members to access current ALP-related information, including a copy of the latest class syllabi and schedule from which members can make selections, register, and develop their own personal schedule for future reference.