UCONN Adult Learning Program - Seminars - Fall 2016
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Seminars - Fall 2016

FS-01 Hikes - Offsite
Kevin Gough and Jim Trail, Wintonbury Land Trust * , 9/23, 10/14, 11/4 * 9:00-12:00

Explorations of interesting sites in our area. Participants should be able to walk three or four miles over uneven terrain. 1. Seabury WildWoods hike is mild, even terrain. 2. Speer/Talcott Ridge is moderate to steep terrain depending on the route, with many stream crossings. The 10/14 is an afternoon hike 1:00 to 4:00. There is a November date scheduled to be used as a rain date or an extra hike.
FS-02* Writing Your Memoirs - Seabury Garden View Room
Leta Marks * , 9/27, 10/4, 10/18, 10/25 * 1:00-3:00

Each week we write short memoirs, bring them to the group to read, and delight in hearing one another. You too can come and participate in writing, talking about good writing, and giving/receiving positive, constructive conversation about your piece so we all feel energized to write more. Size Limit: 15
FS-03* Exploring Critical Thinking - Seabury Community Activity Studio
Louise Loomis * , 9/29, 10/6, 10/13 * 2:00-4:00

What is Critical Thinking? Why is it Important? How do we use it? These questions are addressed in this three session course through mini-lectures, activities and discussion. Aspects of brain research relating to critical thinking, as well as its relationship to creativity, will be included. You will enjoy these exercises: Twenty Minute Problem Solver, the Propaganda Fallacy Exercise, the Thinking Circles Analyzer, and the Cognitive Six "Train of Thought". Size Limit: 20
FS-04 Human Ecology - Seabury Heritage Hall
Michael Park, Professor Emeritus, Anthropology, CCSU * , 9/30, 10/14, 10/21, 10/28 * 10:00-12:00

An examination of ecological theory and the impact of the environment on human evolution, human culture, and human philosophy. Sessions: 1. The Language of Ecology / Ecology and Evolutionary Theory. 2. Ecology and Human Evolution. 3. Cultures, Societies, and Ecology: "You Are What You Eat." 4. Ecology and Modern Times / Humans in the Natural World: Orcas, Dogs, and Apes.
FS-05* The Play's the Thing - Seabury Center for Spirituality
Nancy Kramer * 10/10, 10/17, 10/24, 10/31 * 1:00-2:45

PLEASE NOTE: The date for the first class has been changed from Oct 3rd to October 10th. We will be reading two plays. No acting skills are required. The presenter will give some information about the author, and then together we will read the play and discuss it. Size Limit: 15
FS-06 Everyday Engineering II - Seabury Heritage Hall
Richard Woodring, Professor of Civil Engineering Emeritus, Drexel University * , 10/4, 10/11, 10/18, 11/1, 11/8, 11/15 * 10:00-12:00

This course is a continuation of the Spring course. It will deal with electric power, renewal sources of electricity, refrigeration, heating, air conditioning, and ventilation, the telephone and cellular phone technology, and the global telecommunications network.
FS-07* Short Stories DEC 7TH CLASS CANCELLED - Seabury Media Room
Carol Matzke * , 10/5, 11/2, 12/7 * 1:00-3:00

At each session we will discuss two short stories (copies of which you will be given approximately 1 month before class). The stories for the 1st session will be available at the Short Story table at the September Preview meeting. Otherwise they will be mailed to you. We will also learn about the authors. Size Limit: 28
FS-08* Movie Buffs - Duncaster Meeting Room
James Hanley, Co-President of Cinestudio * , 10/6, 11/3, 12/8 * 10:30-12:00

Participants view films at Cinestudio on the campus of Trinity College or elsewhere, at a time of their choosing, and then discuss them in class with the knowledgeable director of Cinestudio. Size Limit: 15
FS-09 Heroes and Legends II - Duncaster Meeting Room
Jim Yaeger, Professor Emeritus, UCONN Health Center * , 10/12, 10/26, 11/2, 11/9, 11/16, 11/23 * 10:00-12:00

Over the history of storytelling, millions of heroes and heroines have been described, but only a handful survive as immortal characters, inspiring imitations, remakes and responses. From the Great Courses video series, Cambridge University-educated Professor of Humanities Thomas Shippey analyzes the reasons for this impact. His style is informative and amusing as he covers legends from Guinevere to Robinson Crusoe to James Bond and Harry Potter.
FS-10 Good Ol' Days NOV 18TH CLASS CANCELLED; RE-SCHEDULED FOR DEC 13TH - McAuley Meeting Room
Bob Ellis, Current ALP webmaster and former multi-media script writer * , 10/21, 10/28, 11/11, 11/18 * 1:30-3:30

Part history lesson, part nostalgia, part trivia, part interactive sharing and part sing-a-long, this eight hour power-point-supported presentation is a look back at the good old days of the 40's and early 50's when life - as we remember it - was slower and simpler with a different set of values. Everything is covered from newsmakers to life on the home front during WWII to the music, fashions, radio shows, comics, movies and early TV shows we all enjoyed. If you're over 70, this will be "a program to remember."
FS-11 Three American Dreamers - Seabury Heritage Hall
Eugene Leach, Prof. of History and American Studies Emeritus, Trinity College * , 10/28, 11/4, 11/18, 12/2 * 1:00-3:00

This course will examine the ideas of three American visionaries who were also practical builders and leaders: Benjamin Franklin, Frederick Douglass, and Jane Addams. We will strive to understand their thinking in the context of their own time and discover what they may have to teach us in ours. Lecture and discussion with modest (12-15 page) reading assignments for each of the last three sessions.
FS-12* Creative Nonfiction - Seabury Garden View Room
Dorothy Sterpka, Adjunct Professor, CCSU * , 10/31, 11/7, 11/14, 11/21, 11/28 * 1:00-3:00

We will use free writing, meditation, and creative writing techniques to express our creativity in memoirs, stories, poems, and essays. Through this activity we will find self-knowledge that can transform us. "Now write! Nonfiction", Sherry Ellis's compilation of exercises, as well as models from other sources, will be used. Size Limit: 15
FS-13 Industrial Revolution III - Seabury Heritage Hall
Richard Woodring, Professor of Civil Engineering Emeritus, Drexel University * , 11/7, 11/21, 11/28, 12/5, 12/12, 12/19 * 10:00-12:00

This course is a continuation of the Spring course. It will deal with Electricity, Mass Production of Bicycles and Cars, Taking Flight, Industrial Warfare, The Great Depression, The Information Revolution, The New Industrial Nations, and The Benign Transformation. The 12/12 class is an afternoon class 1:00 to 3:00.
FS-14 Monet to Van Gogh - The Age of Impressionism - Seabury Heritage Hall
Ruthanne Hartzheim * , 11/8, 11/15, 11/22, 11/29 * 1:00-3:00

We begin Part I with the troubled state of art in mid-19th century France and the emergence of Napoleon III's new modern Paris. This was a stage set for a new artistic movement. Beginning with the influence of Manet on a group of young painters that would become known as the Impressionists, we will take a chronological approach to the artists' contributions rather than looking at each career separately. Part II will conclude in Spring, 2017.
FS-15* Shakespeare: A Quadricentennial Salute - Seabury Media Room
Karl Mason * , 11/11, 11/18, 12/2, 12/9 * 10:00-12:00

An exploration of the play Macbeth as representative of Shakespeare's extraordinary linguistic, dramatic and poetic skills. Size Limit: 20
FS-16 Operatic Femmes Fatales: Salome, Carmen and Delilah CANCELLED - Seabury Heritage Hall
Walter Mayo, Retired Professor of Wesleyan University * , 11/22, 11/29, 12/6, 12/13 * 10:30-12:00

THIS CLASS HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL THE SPRING SEMESTER Exploring the motivations and actions of three opera heroines and development of the "femme fatale" in literature, art, music and cinema. The presentations will involve lecture demonstrations including clips from DVDs, CDs and YouTube, Power Point slides, and other media.
FS-17 Connecticut Forum - Seabury Heritage Hall
Karen Will * , 11/30, 12/7, 12/14 * 9:30-12:00

Viewing and discussing videos of three previously conducted CT Forum programs: A Meaningful Life - Getting to What Really Matters. Anna Quindlen, Tim Shriver, Larry Brilliant. Forum Book Club - An Evening with Authors We Love. John Irving, Azar Nafisi, Jonathan Franzen. Science of Our Minds - Understanding the Body and Mind Through Neuroscience. Lisa Genove, Sacher Keltner, Susan Cain, John Dankosky.
FS-10 Good Ol' Days RE-SCHEDULED FROM NOV 18TH - Seabury Heritage Hall
Bob Ellis * , Dec 13 * 9:30-11:30

THIS IS A MAKE-UP CLASS FOR THE GOOD OL' DAYS PROGRAM ORIGINALLY SCHEDULED FOR NOV 18TH. It is the last session of the four-session seminar and covers the movies, literature and modes of transportation we all enjoyed during the 40's and 50's.