Single Sessions -Fall 2019 - UCONN Adult Learning Program
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ALP CT River from the Air has been rescheduled and will take place in the Seabury Chapel on Tuesday, December 17 from 2:00 to 4:00. Please refer to "Changes to Class Schedule" under ALP NEWS for a list of other classes that have been re-scheduled since the publication of the ALP Horn.

Single Sessions -Fall 2019

FSS-01 Seriously Satchmo - Influence of Louis Armstrong - Seabury Heritage Hall
Chris Coulter, Musician/Teacher * , 9/23 * 2:00-4:00

A look at one of the world's most important and influential musicians in American history. Born into Poverty Louis's career, as a vocalist and trumpet player, spanned from the advent of radio through film into television. From his earliest recordings in the 1920s, he came to have a number one record in 1964, and, after he died, charted perhaps his most well-known and beloved recording "What a Wonderful World". Louis came to be one of the world's most beloved musician/entertainers, opening up doors for racial equality within the industry.
FSS-02 Hidden Strengths of Our State Constitution - Seabury Heritage Hall
Mike Shelden, Honorable, Appellate Court Judge * , 9/27 * 1:00-3:00

Underscoring, through case law illustration and historical context, how our State's constitution has provided clarifying benefits from Federal "overreach and neglect", as well as serving to expand upon and protect those rights minimally guaranteed under the Federal Constitution.
FSS-03* Evelyn Longman: A Sculptor's Art and Career - Other Other
Karen Parsons, Archivist/History Teacher * , 10/2 * 9:30-11:30

This two-hour session, held at the Loomis Chaffee School in Windsor, will explore the career and art of sculptor Evelyn Longman, the first woman sculptor inducted to the National Academy of Design. Many of her works as well as her 1920-1949 studio and her career archives are on the Loomis Chaffee campus. We'll begin with a short slide talk, then tour Longman's outdoor sculpture on the school's campus, and conclude with a "photo walk" of her sculpture in the area and across the United States. Size Limit: 20.
FSS-04 Opera Connecticut: Madama Butterfly - Seabury Heritage Hall
Doris Lang Kosloff, Director of the Hartt Opera Program * , 10/4 * 10:00-12:00

Doris Lang Kosloff will discuss this October's Opera Connecticut production of "Madama Butterfly". Doris will play the piano to illustrate musical themes and point out other aspects of the music. She usually brings young artists from Opera Connecticut to assist her with this.
FSS-05 Russian Dissidents from the 1960s to the 1980s - Seabury Heritage Hall
Ken Poppe * , 10/8 * 10:00-12:00

Gogol's 19th century short story "The Overcoat" established the theme of the weak, vulnerable person who was fearful and intimidated by the power of the 'important person' in the Russian state. This presentation focuses on selected writers and other professionals in the Brezhnev era, who challenged the status quo and policies of the government and were often censored, arrested, imprisoned, and/or forced into exile. Individuals discussed include a general, a poet, a physicist, a refusenik, and many writers. This group is different from those whose books describe their experiences in Stalin's GULAG. For example: Alexander Solzhenitsyn
FSS-06 Journey Home: 'Opukah'ia and Afraid of Hawk - Seabury Heritage Hall
Nicholas Bellantoni, Emertus CT State Archaeologist * , 11/6 * 1:00-3:00

Henry 'Opukah'ia (d.1818), was orphaned during turmoil in Hawai'i, found passage on a ship to CT, converted to Christianity, and became the inspiration behind the first Christian missions to Hawai'i. Itankusun Wanble (d.1900), Oglala Lakota, christianized as Albert Afraid of Hawk, performed in Buffalo Bill's "Wild West" show. Both died and were buried in Connecticut cemeteries. In 1992 and 2012 descendant women had callings that their ancestors "wanted to come home" and began the repatriation process. Nick Bellantoni oversaw the archaeological disinterment, forensic identification and return of their remains to their homelands. A powerful, moving story.
FSS-07 The Civil War Journey of Pierre Star - Seabury Heritage Hall
Robert Starr * , 11/7 * 10:00-12:00

Readings from a book written by a surgeon with the 39th Ohio Infantry, who were with Sherman on his March to the Sea.The book was found in the attic of the house where Bob Starr's family has lived since the land was granted by the King.
FSS-08 Social Media and Politics - Seabury Heritage Hall
Adam Chiara, Assistant Professor * , 11/21 * 10:00-12:00

Social media and politics are intertwined on almost every level. From elections, to the way politicians communicate, to organizing and fundraising - social media now dominates the political scene. Sometimes this is positive, yet often, it is used in nefarious ways. Let's explore how and why!
FSS-09 CT River from the Air over Historic New England 10 - 12 Re-scheduled from Dec. 3 - Seabury Chapel
Jerry Roberts, Author/Historian * , 12/3 * 2:00-4:00

This visual presentation will explore the 410-mile course of the Connecticut River, its history, communities and natural splendor. From cities and villages to remote wilderness and dams and bridges, the program offers a chance to experience the river from 500 feet flying low and slow with the windows open. With stunning images by pilot/photographer Tom Walsh and a dynamic narrative by author/historian Jerry Roberts, it's a chance to discover hidden treasures and untold stories of New England's Great River chronicled in the recent book, "The Connecticut River From the Air". The book will be available for purchase and signing.
FSS-10 Co-Creation: Storytelling and Storylistening - McAuley Meeting Room
Sara deBeer, Teacher and Poet * , 12/5 * 10:00-12:00

Travel back in time to the world where storytelling was the only form of adult entertainment. Delve into the meaning of a specific metaphor, and the motivations of individual characters. Explore the difference between written and oral texts, and how the relationship between a reader and author differs from that between a listener and a teller. Above all, settle back and listen to some well-told traditional tales from various world cultures.
FSS-11 Anatomy of a Personal Injury Case - Seabury Chapel
Kim Hunt, Attorney (Retired) * , 12/6 * 1:00-3:30

The mind dulling drone of legal process confronts the coarsening antagonisms of searing pain when a lawyer tries to mate the remedy of law with his client's permanently disabling effects. Lawyer and client must confront an abuse of process when an insurance company pleads "no knowledge" despite the sworn admission of its insured for having negligently crushed Attorney Dobbs' client. The pragmatic role of the presiding Court during the ongoing trial illustrates how our society attempts to honor the fierce strivings of hope while coping with unpardonably unfair limitation.
FSS-12 The Legacy of Dr. Grace Murray Hopper. CANCELLED! - Seabury Heritage Hall
Martha Reingold * , 12/10 * 10:00-12:00

In the early 1950's, computer programs were written in machine code. Next came 2nd generation assembly languages like BAL. Dr. Hopper was a pioneer in the development of 3rd generation English language programming like COBOL and ALGOL. There will be a brief description of state-of-the-art programming in the mid-50's, a history of Dr. Hopper's work, and what it was like to work for this extraordinary woman and her multi-cultural staff.