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The following DVD's are available in the ALP office for  loan periods of two weeks, subject to a refundable deposit of $25.00.  Bertina Williams is available at the office on Monday and Thursday mornings.  If you wish to borrow a DVD, please phone the office at 860-380-5038.

Stretch your Mind.   Panel Discussion, Simsbury Community TV, 2007.  Moderator - Don Noel: Panelists - Richard Edwards, Ivan Backer, Ruthanne Hartzheim and Ann Steele (30 min).

Mr. Lincoln: The Life of Abraham Lincoln.  A tour of Lincoln's life, from his forebears' arrival in America through an evaluation of how his legacy lives for us today (12 lectures).

History of Hitler's Empire, 2nd Edition. This course describes how the Nazis were able to establish the foundations of a totalitarian regime and cause a devastating war that would consume many millions of lives (12 lectures).

The Meaning of Life - Perspectives from the World's Great Intellectual Traditions.  These lectures offer a rigorous and wide-ranging exploration of what various spiritual, religious and philosophical traditions from both East and West have contributed to this profound line of questioning (36 lectures).