UCONN Adult Learning Program - Limited Enrollment Classes
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Limited Enrollment Classes


Classes with limited enrollment are identified with an asterisk (*) next to the course code.

Current Semester:   If registration exceeds the limit, a random drawing will be conducted to determine the attendees for the current semester.  Those not selected will be placed on a waiting list.   In the event an attendee decides not to participate prior to the first class session, a random drawing from those on the waiting list will be conducted to determine the replacement.

Subsequent Semesters:   If the course is offered in a subsequent semester, first priority will be given to those members who are on the waiting list from the last time the course was offered - if they register for the course.   If the course registration again exceeds the limit, a random selection will be made from those members registering for the course who are not on the previous waiting list  to determine who will be enrolled and who will be on the new waiting list.

Note:    All members who register for a class will be notified a few weeks before the class begins as to whether or not they have been enrolled.