UCONN Adult Learning Program - Changes to Class Schedule
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"Big Data" has been changed from a six session course to four. There will be no classes on December 11th and 18th. PLEASE CHECK "ALP NEWS" FOR ALL SCHEDULE CHANGES TO OUR FALL CURRICULUM.

Changes to Class Schedule

The following schedule changes have been made to our current semester's curriculum since the publication of the ALP Horn newsletter:

FS-05 Movie Buffs - The start time for all sessions has been changed from 10:00 to 10:30.

FSS-09 Failing Journalism/Damaged Democracy - The date has been changed from Oct 24th to October 4th.

FSS-06 Temptresses Through the Ages - This course has been canceled for Fall 2017 term for health reasons and will be rescheduled in the Spring 2018 term.

FS-14 Big Data - This course has been changed from six sessions to four.  There will be no classes on Dec 11th and 18th.