UCONN Adult Learning Program - Changes to Class Schedule
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Please refer to our "Changes to Class Schedule" page under the ALP NEWS tab for a list of all changes to our curriculum for the spring semester. Unless otherwise noted, re-scheduled classes will be held in the same place and time as originally scheduled.

Changes to Class Schedule

The following schedule changes have been made to our current semester's curriculum since the publication of the ALP Horn newsletter:

Ellen Castaldini's "SSS-06 Wildlife in Connecticut" class is cancelled and will be re-scheduled for Spring 2020.

Chris Coulter's "SSS-07 Seriously Satchmo" class is cancelled and will be re-scheduled for Fall 2019.

The SS-08 "Movie Buffs" class scheduled for March 7th is cancelled and will be made up on May 30th.

The SSS-12 "Making History, CT's Local Museums" class scheduled for May 16th has been re-scheduled for May 22nd.